Our Brands

Our Brands


This is a premium range of sodium free glucosamine products formulated for medical professionals. It offers prescribers and end users high dose glucosamine formulations in a single once daily convenient dose.

Cartigain SR

Cartigain Plus


Calcit formulations uses highly soluble calcium citrate with minerals and Vit D to provide better calcium absorption and utilization by the body.


Estrosoy contains Novasoy to provide high concentration of genistein forms to support the symptoms of menopause naturally.



Lactoguard uses the unique ability of Lactobacillus Sporogens to withstand negative factors due to manufacturing, transport and storage. It offers beneficial live lactobacilli for healthy gut flora.



LBB2 combines the world’s most researched friendly bacteria: BB12 and LGG in a formulation suitable for all age groups, from neonates to elderly.